Hallowe’en Monsters

A couple weeks ago the awesome folks at Snyder’s Hanover sent me a giant box of pretzel goodness. I’m telling you every kind of pretzel you could want. My favorites are the mini ones with peanut butter and the pretzel rods. They make a healthy alternative to chips to dip in hummus or guac.

Tonight, however, we used the rods to create “Pretzel Monsters” for the kids to share with their friends. They were so so simple to create and the best part was there was no baking involved. It’s perfect for the kids attention spans and I also love that we’re not having sugar in the cookies and then adding more sugar with the toppings. Here’s how I went about making the monsters.

Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Rods and Cake Mates icing products

The first step is to roll out your fondant according to package directions. Then cut into strips.

Start wrapping your pretzel rod and then smooth out the lines by rolling between your hands.

Think of some scary faces to give your little monsters

Use the cake mates writers to create a “face” on your monster!

Then marvel in your awesomeness! My decor skills need some work – you get the idea!

I thought I’d try and experiment with some other combos and I came up with the Pretzel Bat! I know – awesome right?

The Pretzel Bat!

There was so many great ideas for using pretzels for your hallowe’en goodies – we’ll be trying more in the next couple weeks. I may try my hand at making my own icing – a clean version if that’s possible!

What do you think about using pretzels instead of cookies or brownies to make your hallowe’en goodies?


  1. oh how fun – My daughter would love those!

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